Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Yummy wraps

I have been making these for lunch almost every day lately. They are so simple and delicious. It may sound a little strange, but try it - it's really flavorful!

Ingredients (for one wrap):
1 wrap (I've been using whole wheat wraps, they're actually pretty good)
cream cheese
4 slices of turkey (I buy the thin slices)
spinach leaves
crasins or dried cherries (I've been using crasins, but they are both yummy)

1. Spread the cream cheese on the wrap. Spread it all over, in my opinion, the more the better! I like a semi-thick layer.
2. Lay the turkey slices down the middle of the wrap. I have found that four is a good amount to get from the top to the bottom. I overlap them a little.
3. Lay a layer of spinach leaves over the turkey.
4. Put the Crasins (or dried cherries) on top of the spinach. I like to use a pretty good handful. I think the Crasins give it a lot of good flavor so I like to make sure and pile them in there.
5. Spread a layer of sprouts on top.
6. Wrap it like you would a burrito. I like to tuck the ends under so that none of the Crasins escape.
7. Enjoy! I like to make this and eat it while the boys are down for quiet time. I think it is a very "adult" lunch (and sooooo yummy)!


Kerstin said...

These sound yummy, I will have to try them